About Floranda Flowers

Setting the Standard Since 1981.

Quality flowers & foliages growing in carefully controlled greenhouseUnique among Australian Cut Flower wholesalers, Floranda Flowers sources over sixty percent of product from their own fully environmentally controlled greenhouses situated at Cabarlah (near Toowoomba, Queensland's Garden City), on the Great Dividing Range.

Not content to rely on the best natural environment for cut flower production, we have taken quality control to the highest possible level: Through…

  • Computer-controlled greenhouses;
  • Heating;
  • Cooling;
  • Shading;
  • Nutrition (all flowers grown hydroponically in sterilised organic media); And…
  • CO2 injection (to ensure high sugar levels which extends vase life)

These factors, together with…

  • Storage of flowers in sterile containers using biocide treated water;
  • Appropriate post-harvest treatments;
  • Forced air pre-cooling of the entire carton contents prior to dispatch;
  • Gel ice and Styrofoam inserts to maintain lower temperatures during transport

are your guarantee of year-round availability and the highest possible quality for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Simply put, if you are not using Floranda Flowers products, you are not using the best!

Environmentally conscious

Floranda Flowers is environmentally conscious. To this end we harvest over 50 percent of our water from rainfall on our green houses, recycle our nutrient run-off and employ integrated pest and disease management using biological agents thus minimising the use of chemical pesticides and their residues on the flowers produced.

Our points of difference:

  • Personalised, friendly service: The people who take your order pack your order;
  • Regular plant replacement program: We grow only the latest patented varieties;
  • Year-round availability of top quality product.
  • Wedding orders are a speciality;
  • Credit cards, EFTPOS, Direct Debit payment facilities, with account facilities for approved customers.


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